Sustainable Building

Green practices and sustainable building methods have long been an important part of our philosophy and operations. Over the years we’ve developed a comprehensive knowledge base of sustainable building methods, products and technologies, which we share with our clients and collaborators.

Environmental projects of note include the construction of the Presidio Habitat Exhibition Pavilion, a 1300-square-foot exhibition space formed from three reclaimed shipping containers and site-specific materials and operates 60% off the grid.

Additional green projects include building the Farm: Table Restaurant Parklet as part of San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks Program, and serving as construction and systems consultant for the Living Aleutian Home Design Competition, an internationally renowned environmental building challenge.

We collaborate with Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions installing numerous solar systems on Bay Area homes up to 20K kilowatts. Day-to-day green practices include include recycling all reusable material, improving air quality through the use of formaldehyde-free building materials and encouraging our clients to opt for FSC-certified lumber and alternative energy systems of solar, wind and radiant heat.